About us:

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our company!

    We are a local commodity elevator in the east of Austria since 1952. We are specialised on providing a steady supply of high quality grain to processors, mills, cash grain brokers, etc.

    MHWP: In the corn chamber of Austria (the Marchfeld) we have an extraordinary high quality standard of the grain our farmers produce in this area. Our company buys all this grain which fits into a specific level of quality ratings and sells it under our trade mark "MHWP Marchfelder Hart und Weichweizen Pool" or "MHWP Marchfelder Hard Red Winter Wheat".
    So if you want to go sure to buy best and steady quality for your industrial processes, just ask about MWHP wheat.

    Availible directly from our company and also from selected Austrian cash grain brokers.

    We can provide direct shipping to your company worldwide.

    For any further information please contact us:



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